Reykjavik, Iceland-based MaintSoft Ltd has developed a new a new mobile-friendly app called Maintx Express, designed to work with its Maintx maintenance management software.

Maintx is today used by a wide range of customers across different industries, including transport, shipping, services, public utilities and food processing. Within the seafood space, amongst others, it is used by Icefresh GmbH in its modern fish factory in Frankfurt, Germany, and by its parent company Samherji Ltd for its fleet of fishing vessels and factories.

The app enables maintenance technicians and others to submit work requests from a mobile device and for maintenance technicians to close work orders from a mobile device. It is available both for Android and IOS and is a fully integrated part of the Maintx Desktop Solution.

Authorised employees and others with access to a mobile device can raise a work request where and when they see the issue and submit it directly into the Maintx maintenance management system. The person submitting the request can capture data, images and videos to describe the problem in full detail.

Once the mobile work request has been submitted into the Maintx maintenance system it can be automatically assigned to the right person to either solve the problem or to choose a technician to work on it.

Furthermore, with the mobile app, technicians have easy access to assigned work orders, enabling them to manage their work more efficiently. The technician can also register all the cost information during and upon completion of the work.

Once a work order is closed in the mobile app, the information is automatically available in the Maintx maintenance system.

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