Having quickly made its mark with its 8-metre 800 Fisher boats, young Lithuanian boat-building company UAB Navis PRO has won praise and orders for its larger 13-15 metre vessels, and is keen to showcase its work at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition in June.

Navis PRO only acquired its fishing and leisure boat moulds and the rights to produce them from their very successful Norwegian owners in March 2020. Navis PRO spokesman Kostas Norgėla explained that adding the 40 years’ boatbuilding experience of the company’s owners and partners, it got to work constructing and certifying a series of 800 Fishers.

At the same time, it restored and upgraded a 15-metre mould capable of delivering the same level of build quality in 13-15 metre fishing boats. It is already working with two Norwegian clients – one for a 15-metre vessel and the other for a 13-metre boat – with design details close to finalisation. Additionally, negotiations are ongoing with a Danish dealer that supplies 15-metre vessels to Greenland.

Norgėla explains that having a flexible design is key, and that each design process must factor in all of the client’s needs, including floor plans and how many crew will be onboard fishing trips. As such, Navis PRO boats can differ greatly in terms of shape and layout.

Once Navis PRO knows exactly what the client needs and what the boat must look like, the moulds are prepared and construction can begin.

“All of the Norwegian agents that we have spoken to and who have seen our 800 Fishers have been very pleasantly surprised at the quality that we have produced. That was our goal – to get the smaller boat right first so we can prove that we can make the bigger ones too. After all, the build process is exactly the same for 8-metre boats as it is for 15-metre boats; the larger ones just take longer,” Norgėla said.

He added, “We are a new company, but we are eager to prove ourselves as a strong player. Also, our production manager has been building GRP boats for more than 30 years now, so we know how to build strong, durable boats that are up to the rigours of fishing, and that’s what we want to show to visitors at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2022.”

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Navis 15m

Navis PRO has had strong interest in its 8-metre and 13-15-metre fishing boats