Right at the end of 2020, Industrial Solutions struck an agreement with Israeli tub and pallet producer Dolav to become their representative for Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

“DOLAV are a well-known manufacturer of large plastic products and since 1976 they have sold millions of tubs worldwide,” he said, adding that the main demand in the Nordic region is expected for the 460- and 600-litre tubs that the fishing and seafood sectors require.

Unlike the conventional tubs that are already in widespread use, DOLAV’s tubs are HDPE single-walled injected moulded and therefore without insulation – and this no longer presents any problems, according to Eiríkur Aðalsteinsson.

“Today fish is transported almost exclusively in chilled trucks and containers and stored in temperature controlled premises. So insulation in tubs no longer serves any real purpose other than as overkill,” he said.

“DOLAV’s single-walled tubs are immensely strong, and are around 17kg lighter than the insulated tubs the industry is used to using. When you have a full truck, or sixty tubs of fish being shipped in a container, that makes a real difference to the amount of raw material that’s being transported.”

In addition to being light and easily handled, the DOLAV tubs are also fully recyclable once their working life comes to an end.

He commented that with a long background in supplying Icelandic industry with plastic products, Industrial Solutions took the decision to take the opportunities presented by the 2021 IceFish Exhibition to demonstrate the DOLAV tubs to the fishing and seafood sectors.

“I’ve taken part in this exhibition four times in the past with other companies, and it’s a perfect platform to present new products,” he said.

“It’s an event with a strong technical focus – and technology is exactly where Iceland has long been a leader. So this is where you get to meet the managers and staff of the key fishing and seafood companies in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.”

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