Visitors to IceFish 2024 will have the opportunity to learn about the analytical tools and software solutions developed by OLSPS Group to enable fisheries managers, fishers, fishing companies and other players in the fisheries management sector to make informed decisions.

Founded in 1989 by Drs Amos Barkai and Mike Bergh, OLSPS has deployed solutions for several fisheries and hundreds of vessels around the world. As well as supplying innovative software solutions, it has also developed complex stock assessment models and novel fisheries management plans.

The Olrac electronic logbook (eLog) suite of software solutions (vessel and shore) is a sophisticated, yet very simple to use application that can work on all mobile and desktop platforms. Olrac eLog was designed to be infinitely customisable for the needs of any fisheries in any country and can be expanded to address ever-changing data collection and management needs.

Olrac vessel unit – Olrac Dynamic Data Logger (Olrac-DDL) – is used daily on vessels from the UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. It is certified for compliance use in the US (NOAA), Australia (AFMA), UK (Defra and MMO), New Zealand (MPI) and soon Canada (DFO). Olrac-DDL can record any type of data (catch, gear, vessel, environmental, logistical, etc.) in real-time or post event by transmitting data and reports via Wi-Fi, cellular, or satellite networks.

Meanwhile, recognising the unique challenges faced by small-scale fisheries, OLSPS has developed the Olrac Mobile Dynamic Data Logger (Olrac-mDDL). This standalone mobile application, compatible with Android and iOS devices, offers full customisation to meet specific client requirements, ensuring adherence to compliance regulations mandated by fisheries management authorities worldwide.

The Olrac system also includes a web-based fleet data entry, management and analysis system (shore unit) named Olrac Dynamic Data Manager (Olrac-DDM). Olrac-DDM allows users to view real-time reports coming from different vessels; to view, analyse and summarise vessel activity data; and to view vessels and catch locations via a map interface. Olrac-DDM also includes an extensive validation, auditing, and cross check system to validate data as it is entered and to automatically identify data inconsistencies.

Presently OLSPS is busy integrating its Olrac vessels units with onboard monitoring cameras and the development of an integrated electronic monitoring and reporting solution (iEMR). OLSPS is also experimenting with the adding of AI-based image processing tools in order to allow its eLog to automatically estimate catch by species, to spot and identify marine life interactions and to spot and identify discard events.





[OLSPS.jpg] Caption: The Olrac Dynamic Data Logger (Olrac-DDL) is used for the recording and electronic reporting of the fishing activities