Héðinn’s engineers have pioneered a new approach, developing the company’s Héðinn Protein Plant (HPP), combining simplified operation with some highly promising results in terms of energy efficiency, manpower needed to run the system, the physical footprint of the installation and outstanding product quality.

“The first HPP system was fitted on board Rammi’s trawler Sólberg ÓF-1, which started fishing in 2017,” explained Héðinn’s managing director Ragnar Sverrisson.

Factory trawlers Ilivileq, Berlin, Kirkella and Emeraude, all commissioned in the last few years, are also running HPP systems on board, and there are shore-based systems in use that range from handling salmon production offcuts in the Faroe Islands and processing shellfish waste in the USA.

Now Héðinn has also delivered an HPP system to Norwegian processor Grøndtvedt Nutri, which has just started production.

“This installation is definitely a seal of approval for Héðinn,’ he said.

In addition to its own engineering capacity, Héðinn has a longstanding association with Kongsberg Maritime as its representative in Iceland, going back to its Rolls-Royce incarnation, and representing the whole extensive of range of services Kongsberg has to offer, from ship design to winches and a variety of vessel services.

Héðin has also been present at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition from the outset, and aims to expand its presence this year.

“This exhibition has always been a good one for us,” Ragnar Sverrisson said.

“Our HPP systems for producing fishmeal and fish oil have been through a long process of testing and evaluation, and now we plan to show them at IceFish, with a bigger stand than ever. We aim to make these the star of the show in 2021,” he said.

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