The latest vessel to leave the yard of Spanish boatbuilder Astilloros Balenciaga is the new fully ice-strengthened fishery research vessel Tarajoq, constructed for the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

The 61.4-metre, 16.3-metre breadth vessel, designed by Norwegian firm Skipsteknisk, is to focus much of its activities on commercially valuable demersal species, such as shrimp, cod and Greenland halibut, as well as conducting research into pelagic species including herring, mackerel and capelin.

Tarajoq is regarded as one of the best outfitted vessels of its kind anywhere in the world, and can tow research trawl gear down to 2,300 metres. Fitted out for both demersal and pelagic trawl operations, it is also able to carry out acoustic research with electronics deployed using a drop keel to keep clear of surface noise, as well as environmental research and sampling duties. Accommodation is for up to 32 crew and scientists.

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