The company had been a supplier to the local fishing industry for decades before seeing some serious growth as fishing gear increasingly shifted into the high-tech sector. A longstanding commitment to staying ahead by putting the effort and resources into research and development has seen Hampiðjan grow into one of the world’s largest fishing gear manufacturers with a product line that ranges from ropes and twines to complete gear ready to start fishing.

“Hampiðjan has been a pioneer in so many fields, from the Gloria trawl that changed pelagic fishing to self-spreading technology and being an early adopter in the use of Dyneema for fishing gears,” said Jón Oddur Davíðsson, managing director of Hampiðjan Ísland, which brings together all of the company’s activities in Iceland.

He said that as well as the wider group with its subsidiary companies around the world, Hampiðjan has made significant investments in its home market in recent years, not least with the new net loft that opened for business in Neskaupstaður on Iceland’s east coast, and which has just seen some busy few weeks during the first capelin season in three years.

“For Hampiðjan it’s a key part of our ethos to focus on research and development, but it’s also vital that we are able to offer rapid, efficient service at the quayside when our customers need it,” he said.

A regular participant in the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition ever since the very first event was held back in 1984, Hampiðjan will be back at Smárinn in Kópavogur in September for this year’s exhibition.

“It was unfortunate that the 2020 exhibition had to be postponed due to Covid-19, as this exhibition takes place right on our doorstep and it’s where we get to see so many of our longstanding customers and suppliers,” he said.

“But it was understandable that 2020 couldn’t go ahead, under the circumstances. At Hampiðjan we’re looking forward to taking part in IceFish 2021,” Jón Oddur Davíðsson said.

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