Over the last year the company has provided sophisticated systems to new fishing vessls such as pelagic trawler/purse seiner Odd Lundberg, built at Karstensen in Denmark for its Norwegian owners. Odd Lundberg was fitted with an innovative two-step reduction gear, allowing operating patterns to be optimised and resulting in significant fuel savings.

Brunvoll’s engineers have worked with Salt Ship Design on a number of projects over the years, including several innovative vessels designed for the aquaculture sector, including a pair of live fish carriers for Seistar, each of which features a flexible propulsion configuration consisting of a Brunvoll CP-propeller driven by electric motors via a twin-in single-out gearbox.

A series of high-efficiency live fish carriers designed and built by Aas Mek Verksted for Sølvtrans also have Brunvoll CP-propulsion, manoeuvring and control system.

“Fishing is an important segment for Brunvoll, and Icefish is an important exhibition attracting a lot of people from Iceland and the nearby countries. We see Icefish as a valuable meeting place to catch up with our good friends and established contacts, from decades of operation in the fishing industry,” said Brunvoll’s VP Marketing Kirsti Gjørvad.

“Iceland itself is one of the core regions with long and proud history in fishing, and many fishing vessel owners with extensive experience of Brunvoll propulsion and manoeuvring systems. Brunvoll has developed a range of systems for efficient fishing, and we are looking forward to presenting our solutions to the visitors at Icefish.”

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