Visitors to IceFish 2024 in September will be able to explore the latest controllable trawl door solutions developed by Denmark-headquartered Thyboron Trawldoor A/S, including its latest design – the Type 42 Bluestream – regarded as the strongest spreading trawl door ever made.

Thyboron Trawldoor’s controllable trawl doors are renowned for their stability and versatility, with its ground-breaking Bluestream doors featuring patented moveable foils that can minimise the total area of the doors and thereby adjust spreading power and water resistance.

Typically manufactured in HARDOX450 or STRENX performance steel with a size and weight best-suited the trawl and speeds deployed for each fishery, the Bluestreams have been developed to meet vessels’ specific requirements and fishing patterns. Incorporating quick set-up adjustments, they are enabling a growing number of fishing companies to reach new cost-efficiency and environmental impact reduction goals.

To align with each customer’s operating pattern, the doors are constructed once the balance of weight has been calculated. They are delivered as a package that includes a high-pressure unit (HPU), software, adjustable hydraulic foils, depth sensors, hydrophones, WiFi antennas and subsea lithium batteries. The company also highlighted that the longevity of its innovative subsea batteries “have proven to be a pure winner”.

The trawl doors can be controlled via a wireless acoustic link from hull-mounted hydrophones, or with the third wire, enabling the skipper to monitor the doors in the wheelhouse screen display and to fine-tune the doors’ performance remotely from the wheelhouse.

The easy-to-use open-end design software can be customised and adapted to a skipper’s specific needs or preferences.

Full controllable Bluestream trawl door systems have already been delivered to the fishing vessels around Europe, and in 2024, they will also feature on the likes of Danish Isafold, Beinur, Elin, Moroccan Ocean Venture and Icelandic Hákon. Alongside Hampidjan, they were also recently demonstrated in tanks to more than 50 Icelandic fishermen.

Meanwhile a set of the new Type 42 Bluestream doors now feature onboard Swedish Kristin, and have already secured some very positive feedback, including strong praise from its skipper, who called them “fantastic”.


Thyborn Astrid

Thyborn Astrid


Caption: Kristin now features Type 42 Bluestream doors