“We are looking forward to the exhibition in September and we want to show what we can do,” said KSS’s head of sales Jógvan S Jacobsen.

He points out that Iceland’s eastern regions are much the same distance from Klaksvík as they are from the south-western area of Iceland where most ship repair capacity is clustered, making the trip to the Faroes a good option for vessels needing repair and maintenance.

“We see definite possibilities for us in Iceland,” he said.

“We have a well-outfitted slipway which can accommodate vessels up to 60 metres overall length and a thousand tonnes lightweight. There are plenty of smaller trawlers, longliners and aquaculture service vessels we would be happy to welcome to the Faroes. We are agents for Caterpillar and MAK, and can offer a range of repair and maintenance services in-house, including the regular surveys that are required.”

With its 70+ strong workforce, KSS is the second largest employer in Klaksvík, and is steadily increasing the scope of its activities.

A recent addition is the agency for heavy-duty fish pump hoses made by Italian company Alfagomma, including the large gauges for fish pump hoses.

“We have these ranging in 12 to 20 inch sizes, in various lengths, as well as the 1½ and 2 inch hydraulic hoses for fish pumps,” he said.

“We have already supplied fish pump hoses to pelagic vessels in Iceland, Netherlands and Norway as well as a number of Faroese. These are great quality, and the price is competitive,” he said, adding that these are not lightweight gear.

“The fish pump hoses come in lengths up to 120 metres, and one of these weighs well over a tonne,” he said.

KSS is also the agent for Spanish deck equipment manufacturer Ibercisa in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK and has been instrumental in supplying several of the latest pelagic vessels as demand for electric deck machinery continues to grow.

“We supplied the former Ruth, now Slaaterøy, which was the first RSW vessel in several decades to go for electric winches, and we are also supplying the new Ruth as well as the new Christian í Grótinum, which are being built now at the Karstensens yard in Denmark.”

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