Recently launched digital platform Aquafacts is a robust, one-stop-shop for the latest insights into fish farming activities taking place in Norway, Iceland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands.

Offering comprehensive data and business intelligence about aquaculture operations in the aforementioned countries, Aquafacts gives subscribers instant access not only to the location, production species and owners of all fish farms, they can see the biomass for each site (excluding Norway), the latest sea lice information and the treatments introduced to each.

It gives users the latest wellboat vessel information via satellite AIS (automatic identification system), including location and technical data, plus weather forecasts for those locations. The Analytics service offers up-to-date financial analysis, thereby providing invaluable insights for farm owners, stakeholders and supply chains, as well as investors, banks and insurance companies.

For information on the go, it’s also available as an app.

The company is owned by father and son, Hanus and Óli Samró, who are from the Faroe Islands.

Co-founder & Director of Sales Hanus Samró explained that while the information delivered by Aquafacts is based on public data, finding such analysis is highly complex due to language, cultural and national barriers.

Aquafacts follows on the heels of the platform Fishfacts, launched a few years ago to provide business intelligence about fishing vessels, shipping companies, catches, quotas, satellite AIS and financial analysis.

Today, Fishfacts has more than 700 fishing vessels as customers in 25 countries and on four continents.


 Caption: Aquafacts provides live details of fish farming activities in Norway, Iceland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands


Aquafacts New

Aquafacts New