Aquaculture is a booming industry thanks to the rising demand for seafood and limited wild fish stocks, but to meet its expected growth and to plan for the future, the industry must modernise by adopting digital technologies, according to industrial automation and transformation tech provider Rockwell Automation.

Co-exhibiting at IceFish 2024 (stand E32) with Iceland’s Iskraft, Rockwell Automation explains that a digital transformation will offer significant benefits to the aquaculture industry across a broad spread of disciplines.

Increased efficiencies and yields will result from automation, IoT and AI, as they optimise processes and reduce costs, it said, adding that sustainability can also be improved through the use of digital tools that monitor and manage environmental factors, minimise pollution and promote responsible practices.

Rockwell Automation’s solutions support all aspects of digital transformation – from hardware and control systems to software and cybersecurity expertise. These include scalable DCS and MCC, which simplify process control and motor/pump applications. Its OT cybersecurity consultants help ensure compliance with regulations, such as the NIS2 directive, while its safety systems provide proactive data to enhance uptime and OEE.

The company also highlighted that VR and AR are “highly useful” for on-site and remote maintenance of the hundreds of operational assets that are typical in a modern aquaculture facility. Furthermore, this maintenance can be more proactive thanks to historic and real-time operational data being used by a proactive computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), such as its Fiix platform.

A cloud-based, AI-powered solution, Fiix helps operators manage maintenance to maintain the reliability and efficiency of their equipment.

“Digitalisation is essential for the sustainable growth of aquaculture. By embracing new technologies, the aquaculture sector can achieve sustainable growth, meet rising demand and deliver high-quality seafood to consumers. As seen in various use cases, starting small builds trust and facilitates future scaling, a process made easier and more effective using integrated hardware and software platforms designed for digital transformation,” Rockwell Automation said.





[Rockwell.jpg] Caption: Aquaculture companies need to be more efficient and agile to address expansion, sustainability and legislation, insists Rockwell