“We provide clients with the highest standard of marine design and engineering, and the company’s portfolio includes many projects from zero-emissions passenger ferries and ro-pax, cruise vessels, container ships, offshore vessels to yachts – and in particular fishing vessels,” said Natalia Jarocka of Nelton’s sales department.

”Our co-operation with Navis has given us opportunities to demonstrate Nelton’s capabilities in the fishing vessel sector.”

Nelton has been closely involved in design work for Icelandic fishing vessels Huginn and Páll Jónsson, as well providing input to the designs of longliners, live fish carriers, purse seiners and a variety of fish farm support vessels and workboats. The company has an extensive design capacity and has worked with shipowners and shipyards from Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, Japan and elsewhere.

“We aim to maintain a process of continuous development so that we are able to meet the expectations of customers and we make every effort to stay constantly up to date with ever-increasing environmental requirements. Our architects strive to innovate in a field of new technologies related to zero-emission, electric-powered systems and innovative manufacturing methods,” Natalia Jarocka said.

“We are looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in Icefish, together with Navis, where we will be presenting the fishing vessel projects we have developed together. We see this as the ideal opportunity to meet and discuss new ideas.”

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