It has become a brand that can be seen practically everywhere, with the distinctive Marel logo visible on scales and grading systems in auction halls, on fishing vessels and in processing plants all over the world. Over the years Marel has grown significantly, and today has its Icelandic base at its Garðabær headquarters that houses both its offices and its extensive manufacturing and development facilities, in addition to its facilities around the world that keep it close to the markets the company serves.

Marel has maintained a high profile from its outset, ensuring that its products and services are visible. The company picks its platforms with care and is a regular exhibitor at a variety of events - including IceFish, where Marel has been a constant presence right from the very first exhibition in 1984.

‘The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition has from the first exhibition in 1984, been a major meeting point for Marel and the Icelandic seafood industry,' said Sigurður Ólason, Managing Director Marel Fish.

‘Being a global provider of fish processing equipment, Marel is presented at many exhibitions across the world. The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition is a very special one for us as this is our home market and as such it provides us with a unique opportunity to meet and socialise with our customers and the seafood industry, as well as providing a platform to present our products.'

Marel has always made a point of having something innovative that attracts immediate attention at every IceFish exhibition, and we can expect the 2017 event to be no exception.

Companies and previous exhibitors who have yet to book a stand for 2017 should contact Marianne Rasmussen-Coulling, either by email or phone: | +44 1329 825335