Following the 2014 Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, the organisers of the exhibition recognised the need to re-invest in the future of the fishing sector and introduced bursaries awarded to those currently in education within the fishing sector. The first bursaries were awarded in 2017.

Presented by Marianne Rasmussen-Coulling, Events Director, Mercator Media organiser of the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, the two 2020 winners, who are both students at the Icelandic College of Fisheries in Grindavik, were awarded ISK 500,000 towards their respective courses. The first winner Eydís Gróa Jónsdóttir is studying Quality control within the fishing sector and the second winner, Kristófer Már Gunnarsson, who is studying Quality control and aquaculture.

Marianne Rasmussen-Coulling commented, "In this all important industry not only to Iceland but to the world as a whole, it is crucial to educate and bring on the younger generations to continue a successful and sustainable commercial fisheries, fish farming, and seafood processing/value added sector. Mercator is honoured to be able to help with this through these yearly grants.

Ólafur Jón Arnbjörnsson, Headmaster of the Fisheries College in Iceland added "All in all eight students in Icelandic College of Fisheries have now received generous grants from the IceFish-fund since it was founded by Mercator Media/The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition three years ago. I can't stress enough the importance of these grants for the students, but also for the recognition of education and training in this industry. I'm truly grateful for The Icelandic Fisheries Bursary Awards and how they put focus on the significance of skills and emphasis on initial training for the industry, a level of education so often neglected but so often proven basis for real progress in the world of commercial fishing and fish processing."

Eydís Gróa Jónsdóttir, recipient of the Icelandic Fisheries Bursary Awards 2020 commented "The Icelandic Fisheries Bursary Awards have a significant meaning for me, as they make it possible for me to finish the Icelandic College of Fisheries and enhance my life further. The Awards make it easier for me to continue my studies and have an economical importance for me, so I'm genuinely grateful for being chosen by the board."

Kristófer Már Gunnarsson, recipient of the Icelandic Fisheries Bursary Awards 2020 also added "I'm studying both quality control and aquaculture and the Icelandic Fisheries Bursary Awards cover almost all tuition and counterbalances any financial loss I've to endure from having to take time off from work. I'm therefore extremely happy that the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition decided to support promising students with the Awards and I guarantee personally that I'll use it well."

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