Many Icelandic companies will be joining the multitude of international exhibitors for the IceFish event. Dubbed ‘the ultimate commercial fisheries showcase', IceFish promises to deliver a packed event attended by all the key members within the industry.

The exhibitors cover every aspect of product and service directly involved or associated with, the fishing industry. From nets to engineering, packaging to safety equipment - with such a wide variety of exhibitors it is no surprise that the attendance is always high.

Networking events, conferences and an awards evening will allow exhibitors to meet one another, exchange ideas, promote their businesses and pick up relevant information regarding the fishing industry and this in turn will benefit both enquiries and sales.

A selection of five companies who hail from Iceland and have chosen to exhibit include:

Isfell ehf - supplying fishing equipment and accessories to fishing fleets including wire rope, trawl wires and net lofts.

Fastus - supplying equipment for catering and healthcare sector who will be looking to develop local and international ties during their time at the exhibition.

Multivac - integrated packaging solutions to ensure cost effective efficient packaging solutions for the fishing industry.

Sea Fresh - solutions for ensuring that sea food is kept fresher for longer.

Slysavarnaskóla Sjómanna (Landsbjorg) - training and safety courses for the Maritime industry and in particular Icelandic seafarers.

This list is a snapshot of the companies exhibiting at the IceFish event. Alongside Icelandic companies, there are organisations and businesses from all over the world, making the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition a truly international event.

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