A Pre-mincer was sold to Icelandic fishing company HB Grandi. The machine will be used to mince herring and mackerel and will be for onshore use.

The Pre-mincer is used to mince unwanted fish, either for use in the fishmeal sector or to be destroyed. The machine features a pump underneath to pump the fish around the factory.

A PV300 fish pump was also sold to Icelandic fishing company, Rammi, for use in its prawn factory. The pump uses pressurised air to move the prawns around the factory.

IRAS supplies the modern fishing and aquaculture industry with innovative solutions for discharging, classification, weighing, ice handling, storage and internal distribution systems. The company offers single products or complete systems for raw material handling.

HB Grandi is one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland The company markets its products worldwide - products made from both groundfish and pelagic fish caught and processed by the company's 700 employees.

Rammi is located in Fjallabyggd and Thorlakshofn and its fleet consists of five vessels - two freezer trawlers fishing for cod, haddock, saithe, redfish and Greenland halibut, and three fresh fish vessels, fishing for shrimp, flatfish, lobster and redfish. The company's shrimp peeling factory is located in Fjallabyggd and the company's lobster and fishplant is in Thorlakshofn.

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