Owned by shipping company Eimskip, TVG Zimsen is a freight forwarding specialist and is IceFish's official logistic partner, handling both inward freight and dealing with equipment and exhibits that need to be returned once the exhibition is over.

“We have been involved with IceFish for many years, but this is our third time as IceFish's official partner and we are looking forward to it. We have worked well together and it always gets better as the co-operation becomes smoother every time,” commented TVG Zimsen's managing director Björn Einarsson.

The company's appointment includes seafreight shipments, bringing everything exhibitors need to the stand, regardless of whether this is a full-sized trawl door, a filleting machine or a box of gloves and boots.

“We take everything to the Smárinn exhibition centre and to the exhibitors' stands, and we can also deal with customs clearance as shipments enter the country. We also provide storage for goods before and after the event,” he said.

Handling the volume of goods arriving for the exhibition every three years is no small task and exhibition visitors do not see the hive of activity behind the scenes as the exhibition is prepared, or the long preparation process that precedes it.

“It's a year's work to get ready for the exhibition and to make sure that everything is in place,” he said, adding that the challenge of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together is one that TVG Zimsen's staff always rise to.

“We are looking forward to the next exhibition and we have already started preparations for it, but in the new year we contacting exhibitors and making them aware of the shipping options available for bringing everything they need to IceFish,” he said.