When Grindavík-based fishing company Thorbjörn acquired the 67-metre Greenlandic trawler Sisimiut, now Tómas Thorvaldsson GK-10, part of the factory deck was refitted, with a new M700 filleting machine combined with a M825 skinning machine from Vélfag installed on board.

The new equipment proved its worth right away as Tómas Thorvaldsson completed a 752 tonne green weight trip, landing a catch worth €2.15 million for 34 days at sea.

"The M700 filleting machine and the combined M825 skinning machines performed exceptionally well," said skipper Bergthór Gunnlaugsson.

"The broad conveyers and bigger skinning units made everything run efficiently, and the big saithe ran as smooth as silk through the machine."

According to Vélfag's sales manager Silfá Huld Bjarmadóttir, there's no coincidence that Icelandic freezer trawlers process 63% of their cod quota with filleting machines from Vélfag.

"Users can expect maximum durability and increased yield. Fewer staff are needed for production as fillet infeed can be self loading if used in combination with all types of filleting machines from Vélfag," she said.

Vélfag has taken part in IceFish in the past – exhibiting in 2007, 2011, 2014 – and taking a break in 2017 before returning to IceFish 2020.

"In 2011 we were awarded the Outstanding Icelandic Supplier - Processing for our processing equipment," Silfá Huld Bjarmadóttir said.

"We see the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition as a valuable opportunity to meet our clients in person, networking and listen to insightful keynotes. The venue space and lighting is excellent which is an essential part and creates a good atmosphere."

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