The blue trawl doors are a familiar sight at practically every exhibition. The company's staff are generally on their feet from the moment an exhibition opens its doors, and the trio representing Thyborøn Trawldoor at every event have a longstanding affection for IceFish. Iceland has long been a strong market for Thyborøn's doors as well as being a demanding one that expects results while appreciating effective support and fast service.

"The Icelandic market is especially innovative,” Allan Rønn Pedersen said. “Skippers and companies are always keen to try something new, so this is definitely the place to try out innovations.”

He commented that after the initial work in developing systems to tow demersal gear with doors off the bottom had been done in Alaska, skippers in Iceland were among the most enthusiastic in adopting this method “Síldarvinnslan's trawler Barði was the first to do this in Iceland and they were determined that it would work,” he said.

“We like to make a special effort for IceFish, and we have been regulars there from the start. We'll definitely have something new to show,” he commented.
“IceFish is a key event for us, as we see our Icelandic customers there, and also customers from elsewhere. We see skippers from Holland, Norway, the Faroes and Russia. They all come to IceFish.”