Brimborg has a licence for Thrifty car rental in Iceland and offers variety of rental solutions both long-term and short-term as well as rental of commercial vehicles.

Benny Osk Hardadottir, Fleet Manager for Brimborg, explained, "We chose Icefish for the launch as it's a great place for us to meet our customers both old and new. Our new Business Solutions has had a very warm reception, and aroused a lot of interest. We are able to offer options to solve our customers needs even down to a 4 hour commercial rental. Business has been brisk and we know there's plenty more to come."

Brimborg also took the opportunity to pre-view the new Volvo XC60, launched this autumn and now making its Icelandic debut at Icefish and during the exhibiton at least 30 vehicles have been sold.

As the dealer in Iceland for Ford, Volvo, Peugeot, Citroën and Mazda, Brimborg is determined to be the one-stop-shop for commercial and domestic customers, stocking a comprehensive range of spares and accessories for both new and existing vehicles. A new facility for Volvo Trucks and Volvo Penta is set to open later this year, underlining Brimborg's investment in and commitment to customer service.