The company has been a major supplier to the Russian fleet since it began producing fishing gear, and has exported trawl gear around the world for a variety of pelagic fisheries from the southern Pacific to the north Atlantic, but its Nordic breakthrough came with a trawl supplied to one of Icelandic company Samherji's pelagic vessels.

Since then, FS gear has become increasingly widely used and the company has established a partnership with Icelandic fishing gear supplier Ísfell, based in Hafnarfjörður and with its net lofts placed around the country.

"We are very happy with out partnership with Ísfell, who are our sales and service partner in Iceland," said FS sales director Dmitriy Fedorov.

"Skippers like to work with our trawls and we are getting repeat customers for our gear. Since the first trawl was supplied to Iceland in 2009, we have seen a lot of happy customers in this area."

He commented that the Nordic region is becoming an increasingly important area for FS's services, and this is why they have a strong presence at the 2017 Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition.

"We are very proud to be the only non-Scandinavian fishing gear company that successfully works on such a quality- and efficiency-demanding market as Iceland and Faroes Islands," he said.

Also adding "We are looking forward to IceFish and meeting our customers on Ísfell's stand, D20."