The federation is a network of contacts which looks after the complex and different interests of Icelandic, industrial companies.

SI has around 1000 members, both companies and employer organisations, including commercial fishing. They are quite different from each other in terms of size, products and markets. This variety makes the job challenging and necessary at the same time. Care is taken to emphasize what the companies have in common while also looking after individual needs. The successful implementation of this strategy has made SI the largest and most influential employer organisation in Iceland.

SI looks after the interests of industry in every way and in close co-operation with the individual enterprise. The work is based on strategic work done by nine occupational work groups and over twenty organisations. The service available to members is on one hand individual to the enterprise or occupational work group and on the other general in such matters as quality, education, marketing and public relations.

Amongst the federation's tasks is to:

  • Improve the general working environment by influencing government policy
  • Monitor international trends in management
  • Monitor and influence Iceland´s international position, particularly in european context
  • Increase efficiency by introducing new and imroved management methods
  • Make sure rules are followed in the marketplace
  • Encourage co-operation between companies
  • Give service and advice

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