According to Curio's Elliði Hreinsson, the engineer who was determined to build a better filleting machine when the company was originally established in the Icelandic port of Hafnarfjörður, the intention was to be able to offer a high, constant yield for whitefish processors.

Curio's machines offer an accessible interface with easy switching between a range of settings, doing away with the need to recalibrate the machine when switching between species, while also providing easy access to the internals to minimise maintenance and cleaning.

Since its flagship C2011 filleting machine was launched, Curio has added the C3027 heading machine and the C2030 skinning machine to its range, as well as the C2015 sharpening machine that provides circular blades for processing machines with the razor edge that is essential for achieving good yield.

The company has expanded beyond Iceland, having established an Aberdeen subsidiary to provide servicing for the UK market, and Elliði Hreinsson commented that Curio has become the number one supplier to UK whitefish processors, in addition to its growing customer base in Europe and North America.

“We always customise machines to meet the different needs of each customer,” he said, adding that there is more to come this year with two new machines the company is planning to unveil at IceFish.

“These are a versatile new skinning machine that's ideal for processors working with mixed species, plus a new heading machine with a collarbone cutter that's designed to meet the requirements of customers in Norway and Alaska.”

“Iceland is our home market, so at IceFish we'll have a larger stand than we would have elsewhere. We're also aware that there's plenty of interest from our customers and they don't hesitate to to get a flight to Iceland to come and see us,” Elliði Hreinsson said.

To find out more, visit the Curio team at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition from the 13-15 of September on stand number B60.