Rock Trawl Doors is one of the leading providers of trawl doors for the fishing industry. Based in the Faroe Islands, the company supplies trawl doors to clients worldwide.

Rock Trawl Doors delivers improved fuel economy compared with bottom trawl doors, and the trawl itself has improved due to the design - both in yield and stability, plus the ancillary equipment lasts longer. Discover how Rock Trawl Doors can help deliver improved return on investment by visiting stand F50.

Also exhibiting at IceFish on the pavilion will be KJ-Hydraulik Ltd (KJ). KJ has achieved success as a comprehensive component and repair service provider, who is dedicated to satisfy the requirements of the international maritime and aquaculture market.

KJ has a specialist department solely devoted to serving the shipping and Aquaculture industry, which includes a consultancy and sales of a comprehensive stock of technical components, ranging the smallest nut to every revolving part on board a vessel. Visit KJ at IceFish on stand F56.

JT-ELECTRIC (Faroe Islands) supplies the Underwater Trawl Camera, being a cost-effective tool which helps clients by improving their current equipment's fishing capabilities and by reducing bycatch issues. Discover how a vessel can improve a catch by 30% on the video

or visit the team on stand F45 at IceFish.

VONIN is a leading fishing gear designer and manufacturer whose expertise is based around specialized pelagic trawls, purse seine nets, semi-pelagic trawls and robust trawl gear for ground fish and shrimp fisheries — as well as crab pots and selectivity tools to filter out by-catches of non-target species.

Alongside involvement within the catching sector, Vónin was involved at the start of the Faroese aquaculture industry in the 1980s and since then has continually supplied a variety of robust net cages, mooring systems, plastic cages and net washing systems.

As preferred supplier across the globe, Vónin and its subsidiary company Qalut Vónin operates four service points along the coast of Greenland, while Vónin Canada is a major supplier to Canada from its base in Newfoundland. Vónin's Strandby Net has two branches in Denmark while Norwegian company Refa operates from four locations. Visit Vónin on stand F45 at IceFish and also see the team at the Icelandic Fisheries Awards 2014, where it sponsors the Outstanding Skipper Award.

Another firm with interests in the Faroe island is Kaelismidjan Frost Ehf, having a 30% share in the Faroese company, P/F Frost.

Kælismiðjan Frost ehf has been in the forefront of Icelandic companies building and servicing specialist refrigeration systems since 1993. Frost is now one of leading companies in Europe for industrial refrigeration solution‘s with energy saving and environment friendly solutions.

Frost has designed installed and services refrigeration systems for most of the larger fish processors in Iceland, as well as ice plants, prawn plants and fishing vessels, including both processing trawlers as well as pelagic vessels. In recent years Frost's overseas work have been an ever-growing part of the operation with projects in China, South America, Poland, Russia, Africa, Norway, Denmark, Faroe Islands. Discover more about Frost and its products at stand H30.

Trawling has never been the same since Helgi Larsen's breakthrough brought the aeronautically designed, hydro dynamically optimised trawl doors also known as the INJECTOR DOOR

Today, Injector Doors are widely recognized as the world's most highly developed trawl doors and have revolutionised a crucial element of trawling through innovation and the use of new technology. This has greatly enhanced the performance of trawlers both in terms of fishing efficiency, fuel economy, environmental care, and operational effectiveness. See the video here
or visit stand F45 to find out more.

The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2014 will be much more than just an exhibition with a Conference, the 6th Icelandic Fisheries Awards, inward VIP delegations and plant visits occurring in September.

By Hannah Colls, Mercator Media