The Iceland Ocean Cluster's Head of Innovation and Start-ups Sigurður Davíð Stefánsson has been working closely with Ocean Excellence, which was established in 2012 with the vision of bringing together the knowledge, experience and proven track records of the best engineering, marine tech and fish processing companies in Iceland in order to provide unique turn-key solutions.

At FWP 2020, Sigurður Davíð Stefánsson will be speaking about his work with Ocean Excellence on sub-cooling technology for artisanal fisheries, which often lose value as seafood is inadequately cooled.

The world's largest supplier of coldwater prawns will also be participating in FWP 2020. Royal Greenland's Corporate Quality team leader Ole Mejlholm discussing subjects including the company's innovative approach to participating in a four-year EU-funded research project (2019-2023) focusing on development and validation of new concepts for exploitation of by-products, such as into bioactive peptide and protein-based ingredients.

Royal Greenland processes more than 120,000 tonnes of raw materials annually, which provides the company with an excellent supply of high-quality raw material which is ideal for value creation using otherwise discarded by-products.

A recurring theme of Ole Mejlholm's work has been product development focusing on optimisation of food safety and quality, primarily for different types of ready-to-eat seafood products.

Fish Waste for Profit is being joined by marine ingredients organisation IFFO, which represents and promotes member companies in the fishmeal and fish oil industry worldwide

Enjoying global respect and recognition, IFFO represent their members at all relevant international forums, including holding observer status at the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the EU Commission and Parliament and work with leading NGOs in responsible management of fisheries.

Acting on behalf of the fishmeal and fish oil producers and their trade associates, IFFO works to strengthen the global standing of the industry, while supporting responsible supply worldwide. Their network reaching across 55 countries, with members account for over 60% of world production and 80% of the fishmeal and fish oil traded worldwide.

Although their members' core products are fishmeal and fish oil, IFFO recognises similar emerging products from the marine environment and consider these to be relevant to their scope.

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