Samhentir is a leader when it comes to packaging. They keep their warehouses stocked with boxes, cartons, sheets, bags, cardboard, plastic, tape and everything necessary to care for your goods. They work with a wide array of suppliers, both in Iceland and abroad, and offer guidance on solutions and design as well as on choices of material and equipment.

For your convenience, they also offer a variety of operating supplies, such as cleaning agents and disposable items, work clothing and shoes, tools such as knives and food processing utensils, spices and mixes, and packing machines. Samhentir endeavours to make sure the customer can get everything in one place. The great selection of goods, together with any packaging you might want, is a big help to manufacturers when everything needs to happen quickly, or to fishing boats which can only make a brief stop in port.

Packaging sells! This truth is something most of their clients have experienced first-hand. Thus the packaging designer faces a serious challenge in figuring out the right exterior for any particular product. Samhentir will prove your ally when you want reasonably-priced packaging that can both safeguard your goods and entice the consumer.

Samhentir customers are involved in all sorts of food processing; they may be major fishing companies, independent entrepreneurs or anything in between. Furthermore, many types of manufacturing companies, as well as wholesalers and retailers, look to Samhentir when they need to have packaging designed for their goods, of whatever size.