Delivery is expected next week.

Holmar Svansson, Sales and Marketing Director of Tubs Europe at Promens tells World Fishing and Aquaculture that,following accidents in the Faroe Islands and Norway in the last week, the focus on safety is more important than ever.

The system has been specially designed to safely move fresh iced fish from onboard the trawler to the dock. The cage automatically closes upon hoisting and reopens when safely resting on the dock, which means that there is no risk of falling stacks during transportation, and the hooking of individual stacks is no longer needed. The tubs are then are removed from the cage on the dock by a fork lift truck when safely on land.

Promens has received a lot of interest and enquiries about the new cage at the exhibition, especially regarding new vessels and safety planning at the design stage.

“The xhibition has been very good for us,” says Mr Svansson. “The exhibition is an opportunity for us to meet key customers and we have seen a lot of interest in investment. We are very positive after this show.”