The arrival of the Sæplast tub revolutionised much of the way the fishing industry operated as boxes were phased out of the fishrooms of fishing vessels from large trawlers to inshore day boats and tubs took their places. At the same time, processing ashore changed out of all recognition as these easily-cleaned, hygienic tubs took the place of boxes and the battered metal bins that had been used before.

The company name has become practically a synonym for a tub in many parts of the world. Sæplast, set up originally in Dalvík in northern Iceland where it still has a strong presence, is as old as the IceFish exhibition as both were established in 1984.

“Sæplast has exhibited at IceFish since the first show in 1984, which coincides with our company establishment year, and it ranks as one of the most important exhibitions we attend,” commented Daniel Niddam, Sæplast Europe's sales and marketing director.
“The show is a fantastic platform for maintaining our existing relationships as well as establishing new ones,” he said.

In the years following that first exhibition, it didn't take Sæplast long to start exporting its tubs to markets across Europe to begin with as fishing companies in other countries saw the benefits of storing fish in tubs, and then further afield. Sæplast's tubs are now made in several locations around the world in a variety of sizes and types for different applications, and there is hardly a sector of fishing or aquaculture that does not rely on the ubiquitous Sæplast tub.