The yard has more than ninety years of experience behind it and has capacity to build in steel and GRP. Gondán's reputation is for delivering sophisticated vessels and for having the flexibility to introduce improvements during the construction process to meet the customer's requirements, while also meeting the strictest quality standards.

Gondán Shipbuilders has produced a number of exceptional fishing vessels over the years, notably trawlers, and is currently constructing two highly advanced freezer trawlers of more than 70 metres in length for Norwegian companies, both of which are being built to Kongsberg Maritime designs.

One of Norway's largest fish producers, Prestfjord AS, has built at Gondán before, and returned to the yard for its new 77.30 metre, 17 metre beam trawler, due to be delivered this summer. This vessel is designed to operate in Arctic waters, with capacity to catch and process roundfish and shrimp on board, and is being fitted out with the latest factory deck processing technology, including a fishmeal production and it will have a 2250m3 fishroom capacity.

In contrast, Engenes Fiskeriselskap AS is building at Gondán for the first time as its new 1400m3 capacity trawler designed for fishing groundfish in the Barents Sea and Svalbard waters takes shape at the yard in Spain.

This year Gondán Shipbuilders is among a group of companies from Spain which will form a strong presence at the IceFish Exhibition.

"We see Icefish is a great opportunity to show our shipbuilding experience and track record for the most demanding fishing markets, specially stern trawlers, the construction of which demands very specific skills and expertise from ​shipyards," commented Luis Mourelle, Sales Engineer at Gondán Shipbuilders.

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