Norfir collects equipment from net lofts, fishing vessels, ports and other places all over Europe and has created a system for collecting discarded equipment from the marine industry in Europe, Nofir was established in 2008 in Norway, in response to the increasing problem of net and ropes utilisation reported by the Norwegian environmental organisations, fishermen and public institutions.

Nofir's activity helps to clean up the environment and create a safe place to live. The research shows that abandoned nets can take hundreds of years to decompose which creates a threat to sea life.

In 2012 the company became a part of Eco-innovation project, which supports environmental-friendly companies and organisations. The goal of Nofir's activity is: decreasing oil consumption, CO2 emission, plastic waste to sea and plastic waste to landfill through recycling discarded equipment from the fishing and fish farming industry in Europe.

“We are spreading our activity to Europe because we have noticed that waste management companies experienced difficulties with discarded equipment. We found a solution to collect and recycle gill nets, ropes, wire, combined ropes trawl nets, and purse nets. That's why we encourage everybody who has useless material to contact Nofir. We will arrange everything from paper work to transport” - says Øistein Aleksandersen CEO of Nofir

This year Nofir's activity was appreciated during the Nor-Fish fairs. The company received an Environmental Award 2014 for creating jobs and showing excellent environmental results.

For more information on Nofir, please visit their website.