Leif Andersen, Director - Seafood at Intech International a/s, and Arnt Inge Kvalsund, Norwegian owner of family-owned Nybonia Hav A/S, today signed the contract for a new processing layout for Arnt's recently acquired pelagic boat which is currently being converted to cod trawling for the North Sea grounds.

It was a chance but happy meeting at Icefish as, although Leif and Arnt had first been in contact right at the beginning of this year, things had gone quiet since. It was a surprise to both to meet each other in person as neither had known the other would be at Icefish, however both the layout and quotation were resurrected and business swiftly concluded with Arnt placing a 2.5 million DKR order with Leif on the first day of the exhibition.

Intech International a/s's vessel fit-out business is split 70% rebuild and 30% new build and the company offers a complete 24hour service to its customers. Intech International a/s are taking the opportunity to show new box folders, shrimp graders and shrimp continuous cookers here at Icefish