"We have been at every one since the company was established, and that's something we intend to continue," said Naust Marine's sales manager Helgi Kristjánsson.

"We see IceFish as among the most important industry events because of its international nature, and most of our activity is overseas. So it's vital for us to be there to maintain our presence on the international market."

Naust Marine has been through some changes in recent years, establishing manufacturing in other countries to be closer to those markets, notably with Naust Marine Spain which has been producing deck machinery, and more recently supplying electrical systems as well.

Engineers at Naust Marine Spain have been able to develop electric deck equipment that combines capacity for trawling and fly-shooting, with systems supplied to several new vessels built in Spain for Dutch owners. Neeltje PD-141 and Good Hope LH-357, built at Nodosa Shipyard, have both been delivered with Naust Marine winches that represent a new line of activity for the company.

"The winches we have built in Spain for these combination fishing vessels have performed well and all the indications are that we have come up with a system that works very well. We've been getting plenty of enquiries about these combination systems, so there's clearly interest in what we were able to develop for this Dutch customer," Helgi Kristjánsson said.

Naust Marine is also currently working on one of the company's largest ever orders, a package of more than 250 winches for Russian fishing company Norebo, with equipment ranging from trawl winches and net drums to auxiliary and boom-handling winches being delivered to the Severnaya Shipyard in St Petersburg where the series of trawlers is taking shape.

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