Speaking at the event, Marel Fish EVP Sigurður Ólason examined the growth in robotics and digitisation across the industry and how this is leads to new ways to make fuller use of raw materials.

It's no coincidence that Marel has doubled its investment in software RandD in the past year alone, he said."We're at the forefront of the industry, and we need your input to create the future and transform the way food is processed – that's what today is about."

Marel's ShowHows have become a pivotal industry event in recent years, and this September's programme combined a series of seminars alongside live demonstrations, with three robotic lines demonstrating various applications drawing particular interest from guests, including a unique new concept in intelligent box packing that enables processors to pack into multiple box sizes simultaneously

Further demo highlights included the newly released StreamLine with advanced monitoring capability. The trimming flowline is for farmed fish species such as sea bass, sea bream and tilapia, and monitors operator performance using data integration directly to Innova.
In the Innova Lab, visitors could monitor the performance of the equipment in the demo hall in real-time.

Marel also used the ShowHow to launch its FleXicut patterns app, enabling users to try their hand at adjusting the FleXicut cutting pattern to achieve the highest possible fillet value. This illustrates the flexibility of cutting with two water jets and two knives, as well as the role of FleXicut in enabling processors to cut to order while maintaining high yield.

A longstanding participant at IceFish over the years, Marel has taken the decision to shift the usual September date of its Copenhagen ShowHow, so next year's event instead takes place on 22nd October 2020.

"There are a lot of events taking place, and as it's of key importance for us to reach the Icelandic market, we feel it's worthwhile arranging our own event for a month later than usual to rule out any clash with IceFish," said Marel Fish Marketing Manager Stella Björg Kristinsdóttir.

"There's a lot happening at Marel right now as the company gears up for robotisation. This is a field where Marel has extensive expertise and there are many very exciting projects ahead to look forward to. At next year's IceFish we'll do our best to give visitors a deeper insight into this development."

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