One company involved in the extraction of fish oil, is Hiller GmbH on Stand A102. Hiller GmbH manufacture decanter centrifuges and systems for solid-liquid separation. The machine is used to extract oil from the fish which is sold separately to ensure a maximum yield. The machines come in two versions - onshore or portable and the portable is used on ships to ensure that the separation process is immediate. The means that the fish and the extracted oil are fresher when sold on.

The exhibition is displaying a variety of items made from the by-products of fish. The Responsible Fisheries Stand and Promote Iceland are displaying boots made from cod fish leather, dog chews made from fish, skin care products and Omega 3 fish oil supplements.

Triplenine Group are researching and developing sports nutrition and food supplements which contain proteins which can add muscle mass without adding weight.

Products that seem unusual now will be common place in the future. Continual research and development into the most effective way to use by-products is the only way to make the most of the world's limited resources.

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