'So, of course we are taking part in the IceFish exhibition," he said, commenting that the Icelandic market is a highly demanding one, but also a market that appreciates innovation as skippers and companies seek to constantly make their fishing more efficient.

The company gets much of the credit for making a success of demersal trawling with doors flown off the bottom, reducing ground contact, and its Type VF14 doors are in use around the world as this method of working demersal trawl gear has spread.

This year Thyborøn Trawldoor also launched its Type 22 Bluestream pelagic doors, incorporating the technology already pioneered in its Flipper doors to adjust the surface area of pelagic doors, allowing them to be fine-tuned for different gears and conditions.

"These have been supplied in sizes from 4 all the way up to 16 square metres, and to fishing vessels in Denmark, Holland, Alaska, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and Ireland – and some of the first pairs of these doors were tried out here in Iceland," he said.

"Iceland is a great place to test and launch fishing gear. Icelandic skippers are always on the lookout for a technological edge that will make their fishing more effective."

Thyborøn Trawldoor are at Stand 02b.