The Environmental Award was presented by President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson to Brim CEO Guðmundur Kristjánsson.
"Brim has set targets and developed reliable methods to measure results, reduce waste and increase value of all processes. The company has reduced significantly the omission of CO2 and invested in new technology and fishing vessels with good returns," according to the awards jury.

"We see that efforts towards sustainability and improved environment are increasing return of our operations and bring benefits for the society at large. The Environmental Awards are encouragement to do even better," Guðmundur Kristjánsson said.

The company has also announced a groundbreaking deal with Marel, which will commission a high-tech packing system using ten robots at Brim's Norðurgarður factory.
Designed to streamline the entire packing process, this will incorporate three FleXicut pinboning and portioning lines, as well trimming lines and automatic product distribution. Brim will also be the first fish processor to install Marel's newest SensorX bone detection system for fresh products.
"We look forward to participating in this high-tech whitefish processing project," commented Brim's MD Ægir Páll Friðbertsson.

Alongside this, Brim has agreed to acquire Hafnarfjörður company Grábrók and its coastal longliner Steinunn HF-108, as well as fishing and processing company Fiskvinnslan Kambur, which runs Kristján HF-100, one of the newest and most sophisticated longline vessels in the fleet.

The acquisitions come with 2850 tonnes of mainly cod quota, and Kambur's high-tech processing operation in Hafnarfjörður will continue to be run as an independent Brim subsidiary.

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