With the topic of Fish Waste for Profit - Maximising Return by Utilising the Entire Fish, the Conference provided delegates with a fascinating insight into the many products can be made from what would have been previously discarded parts of fish.

At the IceFish opening ceremony, the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson commented on the importance of constructive discussion amongst organisations in the commercial fishing industry.

He stated that “We should all share the same goals, he said, firstly to utilise the fish stocks in a sustainable way, and secondly to increase profits of the fisheries industry in different countries throughout the world. Parts of the fish that were once considered waste are now considered important, a change that has been driven by innovation. Iceland's goal should be to double the value of each fish caught.”

The importance of this to the industry was underlined by the attendee numbers at the inaugural IceFish Conference, where over 50 delegates were in attendance.