He said that the company will be taking part in IceFish this year, and has a long record of participation.

“We have been involved from the first exhibition in 1984, and back then it was as J Hinriksson,” he added.

The son of trawl door pioneer Jósafat Hinriksson, Atli Jósfatsson has spent practically his entire working life with trawl doors, first with the family's company, and after that changed hands, setting up his own venture as Polar Fishing Gear with its own range of trawl doors. These include Jupiter pelagic doors, the Mercury and Hercules semi-pelagic doors and Neptune bottom designs, with Thor doors recently joining the stable and Poseidon controllable doors on the way.

“The IceFish exhibition is important to us as Iceland is our home market, so it goes without saying that we have a presence there,” he said, speaking as someone who spends a lot of time at exhibitions around the world.

“IceFish is something special. It's important for the Icelandic fishing industry as a whole, and not just for the companies that supply the industry, plus it always brings in visitors from other countries - mainly from the Nordic region and northern Europe.”

“So we'll be there again this year, as we have been since 1984,” Atli Jósafatsson said.