"This is our fifth time at IceFish," the company's Dmitry Fedorov said, adding that this time they are going it alone as on previous occasions they have been part of the exhibition with a group of partner companies.

"We have decided to do this ourselves this year, so we can promote our products better. This is also so we can have more space to devote to our customers, and we see IceFish as the ideal event to meet our Icelandic customers."

FS is best known for its innovative pelagic trawl gear, and the company has a strong customer base on its growing domestic market, both in European Russia and in the Russian Far East, as well as around the world.

"Iceland is a key export market for us and there are Icelandic pelagic vessels that have now been using trawl gear from FS for around ten years," he said.

"Icelandic pelagic trawlers using our Atlantica-1660 trawls have fished consistently well on mackerel every season."

FS has some new developments in its trawl gears already in use with the Icelandic fleet this year as the mackerel season is now in progress.

"We want to take the opportunity at IceFish next year to show our customers the new ideas and technologies that we have developed with our customers operating in the North Atlantic and the North Pacific," Dmitry Fedorov said.

"In addition, we have also completely renewed facilities at the Kaliningrad flume tank, which is a vital research and development tool for fishing gear. We will soon be refilling it with water and the flume tank will ready to resume its scientific work."

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