The company has branched out in new directions in recent years, building on its long experience of electric winches and electrical management systems to expand into producing its own winches.

According to Naust Marine's sales and marketing director Helgi Kristjánsson, they were not quite early enough in production to supply full winch packages to the first of the new generation of Icelandic fresher trawlers, three for HB Grandi and two more for Gunnvör and VSV.

"The trawl winches on those new vessels are from another supplier, but every other winch on those trawlers is ours," he said, commenting that sub-contractors were located in China and Turkey to provide the steelwork, while Naust Marine in Iceland provides the control and management systems.

Now the company's trawl winches are a reality and the first customers for these have been in Seattle, where Northern Jaeger and American Triumph have been fitted out with new Naust Marine trawl winches, with Island Enterprise next in line for the same treatment.

This year Naust Marine will be at IceFish as usual to promote the new range of winches.

"IceFish is a key event for us," he said. "The Icelandic market is important to us, but it's also quite limited and we have to take our business overseas as well. IceFish provides us with an showcase for people to visit us – and we always receive visitors from Europe, America and Asia. The exhibition is a opportunity for us to show visitors what we are able to do."