The company goes back to 2002 when it was established in Hafnarfjörður, specifically to produce hexagonal mesh trawls, a variety of pelagic trawl gear that had been popular in the 1970s but which had fallen out of favour.

Starting out as a modest venture, Tor-Net has grown over the years as it pioneered the revival of hexagonal mesh trawls, expanding into a larger net loft in Iceland and with workshops in Las Palmas and Dakhla that primarily serve the pelagic fleets operating off western Africa.

This year Tor-Net has been successful with diamond mesh trawls that have performed well on both blue whiting and mackerel, supplying both single trawler gear and larger trawls for pair teams, as well as streamlining trawl gears used off western Africa to allow better towing speeds.

Tor-Net is also the Icelandic agent for prominent fishing gear manufacturer Euronete which produces a range of netting and ropes in a variety of materials, as well as steel wire ropes. Tor-Net maintains a stock of Euronete wire, netting and ropes in Iceland, and will be displaying these at IceFish.

According to Victor Strange, this year's IceFish will be their fourth.

"This is an event that has always worked well for us and we're looking forward to seeing a lot of visitors, mainly from the Icelandic industry, but we always get plenty of our customers from all over Europe who come to Iceland for this event," he said.