IceFish 2014 exhibitor, the Polish shipyard, Nauta, has announced that it has won business for a hull build that is destined for Norway, as well as currently having two hulls under construction for a Danish firm.

The Icelandic consultancy, Marko Partners, launched its new seafood information dashboard, the at IceFish 2014. This dashboard enables users can simultaneously access catch, quota, fish volumes and pricing, as well as schedules and news information, at a glance.

Mustad Autoline sold its new laser seabird and bait loss solution, the Seabird Saver, to Saxhamer at IceFish 2014, as well as securing a contact with Kristbjörg Blikaberg for a Autoliner Coastal System during the event.

This newly developed system is already in use onboard two Eimhamar Seafood vessels.
Celiktrans Shipbuilding of Turkey, announced at IceFish 2014 it has been contracted to build new pelagic vessels for one of Iceland's biggest fishing companies, HB Grandi.