Síldarvinnslan's Beitir is landing 1260 tonnes of mackerel caught in international waters, while the company´s other pelagic vessel Börkur started fishing in the same area yesterday morning, closely followed by Bjarni Ólafsson as soon as it finished landing its last trip. According to Beitir's chief mate Kristinn Snæbjörnsson, there was little to be had at the eastern edge of the international zone, but shifting further away from the Norwegian line placed them right in the centre of a mackerel hotspot.

Both of HB Grandi's pelagic vessels have been doing well in the same area, and Venus's skipper Róbert Axelsson reported that they have managed two back-to-back 1000 tonne trips, in spite of a patch of bad weather during the second trip that meant they had to spend tie searching for the fish again once the weather improved.

Landing at Vopnafjörður in eastern Iceland, he commented that the fish they have been catching is excellent quality and they expect two more trips on mackerel before switching to herring.