The company has been quietly developing its DynIce Optical Data cable for some years, focusing on overcoming the challenges of protecting the vulnerable fibre itself from elongation and bending forces in a protective jacket around three fibres within the cable itself.

"We look forward to showing the DynIce Optical Data cable and present its exceptional data transfer capabilities to customers at IceFish 2020," said Hampiðjan's CEO Hjörtur Erlendsson as the first drum of the new cable was delivered to Iceland from the Hampiðjan Baltic factory.

This development has significant implications for trawl gear electronics. Conventional copper and steel cables have been in use for more than sixty years to route signals from headline sonars to catching vessels, but in recent years the problem has been that these cables are where the bottleneck in development lies – as increasingly sophisticated electronics have far outstripped the data transfer capacity available.

This first delivery has already been shipped to the east of Iceland for the first full-scale seagoing trials with this revolutionary new cable to take place on board Síldarvinnslan's pelagic vessel Beitir. The development of the DynIce Optical Data cable has been a lengthy process and one that Hjörtur Erlendsson initiated, using as a starting point the DynIce Data cable that has been in widespread use for some years. Subsequently the company's development manager Jón Atli Magnússon took the project to its latest stage.

DynIce Optical Data is already subject to a patent application, plus Hampiðjan has applied for further patents on a variety of processes and techniques that have arisen from the development of robust protection for the delicate fibre optics contained within the cable.

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