Gullberg's staff last year processed 3600 tonnes of groundfish, supplied mainly by the company's own trawler, Gullver, as well as by trawlers Vestmannaey and Bergey, as well as taking landings from Bjartur and Barði, operated by parent company Síldarvinnslan.

According to Ómar Bogason at Gullberg, production has gone extremely well over the last year, although they have had to cope with outside factors such as market and currency fluctuations that have made last year's results less positive than they would otherwise have been.

Production at the Gullberg plant came to an end a few days before Christmas, and at present it is uncertain when production will resume with the fleet still crippled by the seamen's strike. All the same, Gullberg's staff are confident that 2017 will be another good year, and Ómar Bogason said that they hope the strike will be short.

While Gullberg and Gullver have been run as an independent operation, both were acquired in 2014 by Síldarvinnslan, which is based in Neskaupstaður. As of the 1st of January, Gullberg has been amalgamated with Síldarvinnslan, primarily to streamline management of the group as a whole. No changes are planned for the Gullberg plant and its staff, which will continue production as before, as soon as the fleet is back at sea.