The company's system of long-lasting, anti-microbial control for food production facilities is in widespread use in Iceland and its overseas market these innovative automatic clouding systems continues to grow steadily.

"All of the leading fish processors here in Iceland are using our systems, and we have also installed D-Tech systems on board all of the new trawlers that have joined the Samherji fleet," he said.

These anti-microbial hygiene systems use the latest technology, incorporating environmentally friendly chemicals that minimise the requirement for water, energy and resources. Each D-Tech installation starts with a professional hygiene strategy adapted to risk factors and operational needs.

"The objective is a hygiene plan that gives a full anti-microbial effect. Our team works closely with customers to bring vulnerable operations under full anti-microbial control," he said.

There are different options available, with sanitation and cleaning cycles conducted either by hand or via the D-Tech automatic clouding system in high-care areas.

"Correctly done, the improved hygiene standards and practices will achieve full anti-microbial control. This control in turn enables the company to seek continuous improvement in disinfection and cleaning practices."

While the company is based in Iceland, its market extends around the North Atlantic region and includes its D-San subsidiary in Poland that has supplied hygiene systems to numerous chicken and meat producers.

"We're also active in the fish sector there," he added. "Working with fish processors and also specialised producers such as salmon smokers."

D-Tech is taking part in this year's IceFish exhibition.

"We feel that this is a respected event that has established itself over the years," Guðmundur Sigthórsson said.

"It's an ideal platform to reach people in the fishing industry around the North Atlantic and is in many ways a more a better exhibition than many of the larger industry events."

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