Morgère works closely with its Icelandic distributor Ísfell, which brings the trawl door designer into close contact with skippers to work on developments and new ideas, and several times Morgère's design team has come up with ways to resolve problems that Icelandic skippers have been faced with.

“Iceland is a very important market for us, not only because we supply doors to much of the Icelandic fleet, but because it is such an important testing ground. Skippers on Icelandic trawlers expect results and they want their gear to work effectively on even the hardest ground, so the result is a very creative environment with new ideas coming up all the time,” he said.

Ísfell has been Morgère's distributor in Iceland for many years, forming a close-knit working relationship with Michel Dagorn and his team in the French port of St-Malo from were the company supplies trawl doors all over the world.

“We appreciate the exceptionally close relationship we have with Ísfell that gives us an opportunity to improve our gear at a technical level,” he said.

“IceFish is an important event on the calendar for us and it gives us an additional opportunity to meet our Icelandic clients. So we will be at IceFish next year to support Ísfell and this is one of the exhibitions that we particularly look forward to.”