One Manitou MLT 735 was sold to HB Grandi, and four MLT 625's have been sold to fishing companies Hraðfrystihús Hellissands, Jakob Valgeir, Fiskvinnslan Kambur and Bílar og vélar.

Three of the machines are available for immediate delivery.

Pjetur Pjetursson, General Manager of Pon Pétur O. Nikulásson tells World Fishing, “This is the most successful Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition for many years - by far the best in the last three or four editions of the exhibition. Many new contacts have been made at the show.”

The MLT 625 has been developed with ultra compact dimensions. It is described as more than just a handling solution - it is a machine that both looks good and is comfortable to use. The interior and exterior have incorporated the latest modern design technology.

Comfort is a key aspect of the MLT 735. The driving position has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Exclusive to Manitou, JSM lets the driver controls all movements with one hand safety and effortlessly. The cab is fully soundproofed and the dashboard features an analogue display which gives all the information needed during the working day.

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