The bursary will be awarded at the end of this year with ISK 1 million available for two candidates to start their studies in January next year, with a second bursary to be awarded to two further candidates in 2017. Applications for the bursary are open to candidates who have already completed the initial course of study, as the IceFish bursary is designed to help candidates seeking to specialise further in fisheries technology and fish processing.

The Icelandic College of Fisheries offers one-year programmes of specialisation in quality management, aquaculture and processing technology, which gives them to opportunity to graduate as Marel technicians.

Information and application details will be available at shortly, and applications will be assessed before being put before a panel made up of representatives of Marel, Fisheries Iceland, the National Association of Small Boat Owners and College of Fisheries principal Ólafur Jón Arnbjörnsson who will between them narrow the candidates down to two bursary recipients.

The Icelandic College of Fisheries was established in the south coast fishing port of Grindavík in 2010 with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the fishing and processing industries for suitably trained staff. It offers basic training for aspiring deck crews, providing a range of training to enable candidates to join fishing vessels as capable deckhands, as well as training for shore-based industries in aquaculture and fish processing. Fishing gear technology apprenticeships are also offered in association with the Suðurnes Comprehensive College in Reykjanesbær. The original basic courses have since been augmented with more in-depth courses of specialised study, and it is these that the IceFish bursary is specifically focused on.

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